We plug Buyers (our clients) into an enterprise class supply chain finance portal allowing them greater flexibility in paying their suppliers and giving them the ability to turn their A/P department into profit centers.

We on-board their suppliers to our portal which provides them transparency to Buyers’ invoice approval process, and allows them to e-invoice the Buyers.

Suppliers choose when to get paid.

Buyers pay when they agree to pay.

AeroPay Capital funds the Early Payments.

Without AeroPay

without aeropay01

With AeroPay

with aeropay01


Supplier Self-Registration

AeroPay helps buyers maintain an up-to-date vendor database by giving suppliers the ability to self-manage their contact information. The platform allows buyers to efficiently approve new suppliers and manage contact information for existing suppliers.



e-Invoicing helps buyers and suppliers migrate from paper invoices and manual processing, thus shortening invoice approval times. AeroPay allows suppliers to submit paper invoices which get converted into electronic format for the buyer.


Invoice Matching

AeroPay helps buyers approve invoices quickly by automatically matching invoices to POs and receipt documents. If the documents match, an invoice can be automatically approved and scheduled for payment. This allows AP departments to focus on exceptions.


Invoice Visibility

Eliminate costly calls and emails by allowing suppliers to track the status of their invoices through AeroPay. Once an invoice is approved and scheduled for payment, AeroPay sends an email notice to the supplier.


Early Payment

Early Payment gives buyers and suppliers the ability to reduce their cash conversion cycles. It allows suppliers to decide when they get paid without impacting the buyer’s cash flow or working capital. It also helps buyers extend payment terms.



AeroPay facilitates secure electronic payments to suppliers thus eliminating costly check payments.